How to Stop Cocaine Addiction

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is among the most serious of the substance abuse problems on a global scale, and this is because of the highly addictive nature of this drug that is enough to get anyone addicted after a single use.

The pull that regular users feel towards this drug is because of the ‘intense high’ it produces in them almost immediately after entering the bloodstream. The ‘intense high’ manifests itself in the form of a feeling of euphoria, which lasts only for a few minutes, and users feel compelled to consume more of this drug to be able to sustain this intensely pleasurable sensation. This leads to a growing dependence on this drug, and ultimately cause a number of physical and psychological problems because of its excessive usage. Thus, it becomes essential that regular users of cocaine, as well as, their family and friends become aware about the various signs of cocaine addiction, and take various steps to help find remedy for the condition.

Cocaine addiction leads to an exceeding dependence on this drug for deriving any meaning for life for the addicts. Thus, people hooked onto this drug tend to become withdrawn whenever they are in the sober state. Excessive use of cocaine through any particular route leads to considerable damage to that body part. Thus, chronic cocaine users who snort the cocaine powder tend to suffer from nosebleeds and perpetually runny noses, while those who inject it often develop infectious diseases or abscesses under the skin surface. Moreover, major behavioral changes occur due to the influence of the drug, which may result in alienation from family and friends, and jeopardize with the career prospects of the addicts. In addition to that, addicts often tend to turn violent upon denied access to the drug. They may resort to thievery and even physically hurt others in order to get access to the drug in any way possible. Thus, it becomes essential that chronic users become aware of the signs of cocaine addiction, and try to find a way out of the situation.

Regular and heavy cocaine use can lead to a temporary state of psychosis during which the addicts tend to lose touch with the reality, and start to hallucinate sights and sound that are not real but can even fright them to death. Battling all these various signs that are a hallmark of cocaine addiction, as well as, the symptoms that appear as a result of withdrawal from the drug is essential for formulating a successful strategy aimed at getting rid of this exceedingly harmful habit.



How to Stop Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction can be desperately difficult to get rid of because of the highly addictive nature of this drug, which is enough to get any person hooked onto it after even a single usage. Thus, it becomes essential that cocaine users formulate a logical plan to be able to kick this habit without having to undergo most of the unpleasant symptoms that crop up during the withdrawal phase. The usual withdrawal symptoms that most cocaine addicts face while trying to kick this habit includes an intense feeling of depression, coupled with anxiety and paranoia, which can make life feel seemingly unbearable. Addicts may also become delusional, and lose appetite, as well as, motivation for life. However, once users are able to get over this particularly difficult early phase of their sober life, they can successfully stay clean forever if they formulate the right plan to help them in their endeavor. Below are some steps which could help you to stop cocaine addiction:

  • Understanding about ‘what is at stake’ is going to be of real help to the cocaine addicts, because this knowledge will help them in motivating themselves in fighting the urges of continuing with the addiction. The extensive damage that this drug causes to different parts of the body of its regular users can be an ideal reason enough for anyone wishing to lead a happy life to quit this habit at the earliest.

  • A good start towards quitting an addiction is to dispose or remove all objects from your home that remind you of the old drug habits. This means removing the tools, equipment, and surfaces that were used to take the drug in the past, which in turn should reduce any thoughts or reminders associated with those items.

  • Those cocaine addicts who are desperately trying to ditch this addiction also need to ensure that their remodel their lifestyle, and exclude all those aspects that were responsible in varying degrees for the growth of this addiction. This means all those people and things that can act, as a potential trigger ought to be kept out of the new lifestyle. This includes all those non-sober cocaine addict friends who used to form the group that had a soft spot for the cocaine addiction.

  • Developing a healthy lifestyle also includes taking up interesting activities, which will help in keeping addicts engrossed and not let boredom creep in which is often the reason behind taking up an addiction in the first place. Therefore, those cocaine users who often wonder about how to stop cocaine addiction, taking up hobbies and becoming more focused in one’s career can be of much help in their regard.

  • For those addicts who are wondering about how to stop cocaine addiction, developing a support group is necessary to help tide over the worst phase of the withdrawal phase. In fact, family and friends can provide the motivation and energy that addicts tend to lack the most during this most testing of times, and can also help keep tab on their behavior.

  • Exercising regularly, and following a balanced meal plan is essential for keeping a healthy body and alert mind. A healthy body and an alert mind can be of much help in bolstering the will power, which is of utmost importance in trying to kick any addiction. Moreover, getting adequate amount of sleep is also essential in calming the already frayed nerves that occur due to the withdrawal effects of this drug. Thus, a healthy lifestyle is the key to successfully getting rid of the cocaine addiction problem.

  • A full body detox can be a great step towards quitting cocaine. The purpose of following a full detox program is to eliminate all traces of the drug, as well as other toxins from the body. Which in turn should reduce the cravings from your mind and body.

Therefore, it is quite apparent that getting a proper plan in place is essential for effectively helping any cocaine addict in combating their dependence on the drug. The answer to the query regarding how to stop cocaine addiction lies in devising a methodical process that takes holistic care of the addicts while curing their addiction.
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